BDO: Winding Down

In a previous post about BDO, I wrote about how I wasn’t sure how much longer I’d be logging in for dailies and attempts at dream horse awakenings. Though a new expansion just launched, I have no interest in content that’s likely way out of my level and gear level. I’m sure there’s some great stuff out there, and there’s even a new job/season – but none of it has sparked my interest at this point.

A couple days ago, I failed on awakening my dream horse for the 18th time.

This is a bummer, of course, but it’s not the reason I’m probably putting the game aside for now. You see, it’s not too terribly difficult to get the items used to increase the training – I just log in each day and use daily loyalties to buy an item off the loyalty store. I could do that every day for months (and I have been), even with all the failures, and eventually get an awakening. I’m very patient like that.

The problem is that now I’ve now used up all of my Krogdalo’s Origin Stones. Without one, I can’t make another attempt at awakening. These are annoyingly ponderous to get a hold of. I’ve lucked out several times in opening boxes from the Spirit Adventure Board rewards – but have had no such luck lately. Sometimes, rarely, you can get them as log in rewards. Sometimes, rarely, they are for sale in the loyalties section.

Otherwise, you have to AFK run horses over and over, level them to 15, and then turn them in for seals in order to buy the mats to combine to make one Origin Stone. I just don’t have the energy for that… nor do I want to run the game in the background on my PC all day in order to do this.

So, as it stands now, I’m logging in to claim some loyalty each day since I nearly depleted all of it by purchasing a special courser training box. I just want to get it to a comfortable level so that if I choose to pick up the game sometime in the future, I won’t be sitting on low loyalty.

The daily rewards are about to refresh in a few days, too, and I want to see if there’s a chance that an Origin Stone will be part of the login rewards next month. If not, then I guess it’s time to wind down with BDO for now. I’ll probably be back, but honestly, FFXIV has my attention – along with a lot of the Steam games I’m writing about lately.