May 2023 Gaming Goals in Review

Posted on May 31, 2023 by Aywren

This has been a pretty busy gaming month for me, especially with FFXIV patch 6.4 dropping. I talked about how I did push through this on four different characters… I also took care of a lot of the goals I made this month – things I wanted to finish before the patch dropped.

Let’s see how I did!


Goals made at the beginning of the month were:

  • Zuri - Continue Endwalker MSQ ✓
  • Tad - Gatherer Quests (Botanist & Miner) ✓
  • Amon - Resplendent Miner Tool ✓
  • Tai - Crafting Mentor (Gathering Collectables) ✓
  • Mocho - Level Miner ✓

I’m super happy to have completed everything I set out to do (and more) in FFXIV this month. Much of it was around crafting and gathering goals.

Not listed, but I also leveled Zuri’s Culinarian to 90 and got her geared up so that she can also do daily leve turn-ins. This is somewhat the final destination I want for all of my characters at this point, so it’s above and beyond that I got it done on her!

Nintendo Switch Goals

For my birthday, I received all of the Final Fantasy Pixel remaster games! As it’s an ongoing goal to play through the entire series over time, I’ve already jumped right into the project.

So far, I’ve put time into FF1, and have reached Crescent Lake!

Sadly, due to focus on FF1, I haven’t picked up the other games that I wanted to keep in the loop. I’m going to try to work on that next month – especially since I did pick up Octopath II and Chrono Cross this past month!

PC Game Pass Goals

  • Play/Finish Coffee Talk 2 ✓

I didn’t finish Coffee Talk 2, but I did put some time into it. I’m enjoying it – it has many of the same vibes that I enjoyed from the first. So, I do hope to get it finished up, maybe next month.

Steam Goals

My goals for this month were just to play Steam games, especially with a focus on some of the bundle games I’ve picked up lately. I’ve done this a little bit… but not a whole lot. I think I need to be more specific in my gaming goals – such as list out the Steam games I want to try.

I also did not get around to the two games I did list, which were the new DLC for House Flipper and Salt 2. I have reasons for this, however!

House Flipper is still going through some major patches for bugs ever since this DLC has released, and last month is no exception. I’m worried that I’d not only run into bugs, but that some of those bugs are apparently data-breaking. I do not want to lose all the many hours of progress I’ve put into my House Flipping!

And Salt 2, while I am very interested in it, has been the backburner somewhat because Syn and I have been playing Raft lately. That’s been filling my itch for sailing games and I just didn’t have the need to start another.

So… overall, that’s been my month! I certainly want to try harder to branch out next month in terms of Steam and Game Pass. Maybe now that I have the heavy lifting in FFXIV done, I can enjoy some time there instead.

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