FFXIV: 60 Carpenter and Other Goals

I mentioned in a post last week that I didn’t think I was going to make many of my March Goals this time around. Perhaps I was wrong.

Somehow, I managed to power through from level 54 Carpenter to level 60 over this weekend. It was a LOT of repetitive gathering and crafting, and I burned a lot of leves doing it. But the ultimate reward was finally being able to finish melding those crafting accessories, which were all wood for some reason (??). I still haven’t figured out whether I can craft for Red Scrips yet, but that’s on my list to investigate.

I also finished up crafting for Blue Scrips and earned my Leatherworker Master III book this weekend. Only then did I realize the new patch added a Master IV book now. Ugh.

I’m also leveling up my DPS classes Zuri, slowly but steadily. My Monk is almost level 40, and my Dragoon hit 54 last night from the Crystal Tower raids. My goals for both these classes is 50 Monk and 55 Dragoon, so I’m inching closer to hitting those levels! I haven’t been working on my Dragoon very much at all as I’ve been mostly using Beast Tribe quests for Tomes rather than experience, but I may have to change that.

I was also pleased to finish up collecting the final two Triple Triad cards that I needed from the Crystal Tower raids. I didn’t realize these were a thing and that I already had the Cloud of Darkness card. So, I snagged the other two during the Crystal Tower Sunday runs and almost have 50 cards in total on Zuri! I haven’t been working on my TT decks much lately, so maybe I need to get out there and win some more cards!

I’m starting my music collection for the FFXIV Orchestrion, mostly made up of songs I bought at the Gold Saucer. I just need to work my Alchemist up to be able to fashion the scrolls that I’ve been stashing away. I have a lot of really good music, and won a roll on the Labyrinth of the Ancients drop last night! Looking forward to the Hatching-tide event starting soon for the Pa-paya music! 😀