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FFXIV: FC House Guest Quarters

I’ve continued to make progress on one of my major goals for the year: to work on decorating the houses and rooms my characters own in FFXIV. So far, I’ve decorated our Free Company house, both inside and outside — I’m proud that our guestbook has 75 likes!

Using the space for my characters’ private rooms, I’ve also designed Amon’s Secret Lab, a small Ball Room, and a Recreation Room (I haven’t posted about yet). Over the past weekend, I’ve more or less finished what I call the FC house Guest Quarters.

It’s a place to entertain and house guests who stay the nights (in a RP sense). So it’s basically a glorified guest room. Note these screenshots were taken before Easter, so there are still Hatching-Tide decorations up! 🙂

The main sitting room has a place for light dining…

And a place to relax by the fireplace…

A door leads to the sleeping area…

The beds have screens for a bit of privacy. But they’re not so blocked in as to feel cramped.

The opposite side off the room has another single bed next to a sitting area.

And the upstairs loft features a nice hot tub for the ultimate relaxation!

Our house and personal rooms are all marked as RP areas, and are open for visitation anytime! Mateus – Shirogane Ward 14, Lot 14 – Homewood Cottage!


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3 thoughts on “FFXIV: FC House Guest Quarters

      1. It’s been mostly fine 🙂 Only negative point is that Rival Wings has gone back to the “impossible to pop” phase. When the new map Hidden Gorge dropped, it took less than 5 mins but now it’s just impossible… even with organised meet-ups on Discord.


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