August 2023 Archives

Farewell to Blaugust 2023

Posted on August 31

Today marks the final day of Blaugust, and what a month it's been.

FFXIV: Looking Back at 10 Years

Posted on August 30

Come early September, I’ll have been playing FFXIV for ten years with no lapse in my sub! For me, that’s incredible. There hasn’t been another MMO out there that I’ve played for so long without putting it down for some space of time.

Solasta: Crown of the Magister Review

Posted on August 29

In a time when all eyes are on Baldur’s Gate 3 in terms of major turn-based RPGs, I decide to finally talk about a game the Posse finished back in April – Solasta. In particular, the Crown of the Magister base game (campaign).

Breyer Horses – My Second Traditional Conga

Posted on August 28

Unlike my first traditional conga, which I wrote about here, my second conga came about almost completely by accident.

Big HTML Blogging Update!

Posted on August 27

I am happy to announce that back on August 22, I was finally able to finish hand-coding all of the blog post pages for this site! Inspired by Blaugust to focus-down this blog, I buckled in and worked on coding for many weeks in a row.

Buying Those “Bad” Game Bundles

Posted on August 26

I have been feeling so super guilty about buying gaming bundles this year. It started when I ran across Fanatical (used to be called Bundle Stars), which hooked me up bundles that had one or two games I was truly interested in buying. Which meant, I tended to pick up a few additional games here or there that I didn’t technically want or need, simply because the price was right.

Breyer Horses – My First Traditional Conga

Posted on August 25

Earlier this month, I talked about what a Breyer Model Conga was, and the fact that I’ve put together a conga of what’s called the “Freedom/Classic” size horses in the Malik mold. While I do enjoy my Malik conga, I am still always on the lookout for congas on the larger Traditional molds as well.

Steam Completionist – Another Way to Look at Your Steam Library

Posted on August 24

In editing through my older blog posts, I ran across a website that I noted years ago, but somehow forgot, called Steam Completionist. Okay, I know from the name of the site, it sounds like it’s going completely opposite of what I’m trying to do with my “Don’t Care” gaming summer. But hear me out.

Game Inefficiency and the Don’t Care Gaming Project

Posted on August 23

As a follow up to my “Don’t Care” gaming mindset project, I ran across this video by Josh Strife Hayes a few days back. While the title of this video is “Why You Can’t Be Inefficient in Games Anymore,” as I watched the video, I felt it resonate with some of the struggles I’ve had with finding relaxation and fun with games lately.

Reviewing the Don’t Care Gaming Summer

Posted on August 22

Sometime last month, I declared this summer to be one of “Don’t Care.” What this meant was that I was going to stop stressing about my gaming backlog and try to just enjoy gaming as a hobby again.

Heading into the Blue Sky (Social)

Posted on August 21

I’ve had a Blue Sky account for a little over a month now. This has given me some time to learn the ins and outs of the social network and form my thoughts on it.

FFXIV: Moonfire Faire 2023 - Return of the Rangers

Posted on August 20

The summer festival – Moonfire Faire – is running strong until August 26. This year’s reward is a full Power Rangers I uh mean… Pheonix Riser glamour set. 

FFXIV: 10th Anniversary Celebrations – Moogle Tomes & Rising

Posted on August 19

FFXIV is ramping up the 10th anniversary celebrations with two in-game events that offer some great rewards – The Rising and the Moogle Treasure Trove. Both begin on Sunday, August 27 and run until the drop of patch 6.5 – which will be sometime in early October.

Blogging – Remember to Celebrate the Little Things

Posted on August 18

I’m going to make a promise to myself that I will start celebrating the little things in my blog again.

Blaugust – Coding Motivation

Posted on August 17

Time to talk shop about my progress coding this site – namely, what I’ve done in this month alone, somewhat fueled by the motivation from Blaugust. I’d usually put something like this in my Microblog section (which I’ve also been working very hard on lately), but a post is a post in Blaugust, right?

Mastodon Timeline Feed Widget

Posted on August 16

This might not be useful for folks who have or Blogger blogs, but for those who have their own web host for files, or code HTML websites, I thought I’d share. I love my Mastodon account, but I struggled to find a widget that I could put in my blog’s sidebar, where I once had a Twitter widget.

Find Free Ebooks on Reddit

Posted on August 15

It’s halfway through Blaugust 2023 – congrats to all who are still writing! Keep it going! In honor of making it to this milestone, I decided to write a shorter post today. This is mostly because it’s something I want to get out there, but there’s not a ton to actually say about it.

Introducing Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue

Posted on August 14

I talk a lot about model horses, but today it’s time to talk about horses in real life. Specifically, horses who are in need.

Photo Lightbox for Breyer Model Photos

Posted on August 13

One of the things I wanted to figure out was the best way to take photos of my Breyer horse models. For quite a while, I’d just stuck a white sheet of paper up on the wall over my fireplace mantle and used the mantle’s wood surface as the “floor” for my horse pictures.

Breyer Horses: It’s Conga Time!

Posted on August 12

The Breyer website defines conga as: A collection of Breyer models on the same mold. When displayed together, they may look as if they are “dancing” together or in a “conga line.”

Adventures in Repairing Bryer Horses

Posted on August 11

One of the fun aspects of collecting models that are pre-owned and sometimes vintage is that some of the horses need little repairs here and there. The most notorious of these that I’ve seen so far is a plastic stand that commonly came with certain models to help it balance properly.

Breyerfest 2023 – Attending the Virtual Celebration

Posted on August 10

I mentioned last month that I was attending the online version of Breyerfest 2023. Breyerfest is similar to a gaming fanfest, only it’s a celebration of horses and the model horse community.

Kiva - Giving to the World

Posted on August 9

At the first of every month, I spend some time picking out a cause/individual to lend to on Kiva. My sister turned me on to the site a few years back when she sent me a Kiva card for Christmas.

Hello Fellow Neocities Bloggers!

Posted on August 8

As most folks know by now, I’m a HUGE advocate of running your own HTML site. I’m also a big supporter of Neocities, which is a host that gives people a way to do that for free. So, this year at Blaugust, I was super excited to see I’m no longer alone – there are several other Neocities bloggers out there!

Blaugust Introduction: HTML Blogging - One Year Later

Posted on August 7

It’s the week of the blogging introductions, so for those who don’t know a whole lot about me and my blog – hello! I’m the one making the ambitious attempt to take a blog of seven years, tear it off of WordPress, and convert it into a static HTML blog.

MMO Daily Rewards – Why Do I Still Log In?

Posted on August 6

We all know the drill. So many games offer daily login rewards – some showering you with more buffs and bits and pieces than you have inventory space for or will ever use.

FFXIV: Give Us Boats Please!

Posted on August 5

One of the slides during the FFXIV fanfest keynote stated “Expansive New Lifestyle Content” is coming with the Dawntrail expansion. Of course, Yoshi-P did not explore this any deeper. Not yet, at least.

FFXIV: Fanfest Live Letter – 6.5 Growing Light Announcement

Posted on August 4

The second day of the FFXIV fanfest opened with the newest Live Letter, which focused mostly on what’s coming for Patches 6.5. Both of them.

FFXIV: What We Know About the Dawntrail Expansion

Posted on August 3

Over the past weekend, the FFXIV fanfest brought to us news of the next expansion, called Dawntrail. Due in about a year or so (they said tentatively sometime next summer), we were only given information about the settings and overall theme of the expansion so far.

FFXIV: Fanfest Watch Together

Posted on August 2

It’s been several years since I’ve attempted to put together any kind of event in FFXIV. I did so now and then, with help, back when I was the FC leader for Knights of Memory. Since I passed that torch on, and took on the quieter life hosting a tiny friend FC on a RP server, I’ve been more about attending events than organizing them.

Blaugust 2023 – Why to Blaugust?

Posted on August 1

So, the month that celebrates blogging, what we like to call Blaugust, has begun for 2023 as of today. I’m setting out to consistently blog all days this month, but we’ll see if I can make that a reality.